How to contact us:

Thank you for your interest in XMetal radio. Please follow the instructions for each section listed below, as it pertains to your communications with XMetal Radio Entertainment. Detailed instructions will be provided to Individual Artists, Bands and Records Labels in reply email correspondence. Fan Art and Fan image instructions are complete below and XMetal Radio will only send reply emails in the event of questions or commercial interests.

Individual Artist, Bands and Record Labels:

If you are the artist, band member, legal representative, or record label send an email to media(at)xmetalradio(dot)com with your inquiry. We will reply with detailed instructions on how to take the next step to get you artist or bands music on our network(s). Detailed instructions will be provided in the reply.

Fan Art and Fan Pictures:

If you are a fan of metal music and would like to share fan art you have created, pictures of yourself in your fan attire or just showing support at parties, concerts, etc. Send your images (800px and above) to fanmedia(at)xmetalradio(dot)com. Accepted media will be posted on our social media, website gallery or both, normally within 72hrs. Thank you for being a metal fan and XMetal Radio.


For all other inquiries, please send an email to info(at)xmetalradio(dot)com.